Thank you, educators, librarians, and program coordinators for your kind words about my presentations!
Annette's event "Insects Make What?!" was a hit in our book, pun intended! The program was interactive and engaging not just for the children at the event but for the adults as well. Mrs. Whipple has a wonderful rapport with children and  knows how to grab their attention and teach them without it seeming like a lecture or a class. It was a very fun way to learn about insects and the products they have a hand in producing! I cannot wait for her next book and next event. 
-Dwi Grandison, Children's Coordinator,  Hockessin Book Shelf

The children at our library were enthralled by Ms. Whipple’s presentation, “Insects Make WHAT?!” They especially enjoyed participating in the game show while learning facts about insects. Annette obviously understands that children learn better in a playful environment, and her passion for education is evidenced by her enthusiastic interactions with the children. Everyone, young and old, had a great time! We will be inviting her back.
                         – Erin Miller, Children's Librarian, Oxford Library

           Mrs. Whipple had my 1st graders mesmerized with the process of writing an informational book. The kids were engaged and by the time she left, the students were all talking about what they'd like to learn and write about during our writing class or when they get older and become authors themselves. Being able to interact with a real author, face-to-face, is a great way to help ignite a child's love of writing. Thanks Mrs. Whipple so much for sharing your talents with us. 
– Kristin Wills, First Grade Teacher, Avon Grover Charter School ELC

Annette did a lovely job of talking to our patrons about Laura Ingalls Wilder's life. The children and parents were intrigued by any new information they obtained and got excited when they could answer any of Annette's questions. The props she brought along with her were definitely a crowd pleaser. Games were played before the program started and attendees stayed after to take a look at all of the items Annette had displayed. Definitely fun for all ages!
                                             -Taylor Kutz, Youth Librarian, Kutztown Community Library

The students liked the enthusiasm of Mrs. Annette as well as the hands-on pioneer activities. I thought it was extremely interesting- academically and hands-on! This was one of our favorite summer camps. Very knowledgeable and engaging. Children made remarks all day of how much fun they were having! Super Camp! Mrs. Annette was fabulous-truly!
 –Ann Marie Spencer, School Age Teacher, Avon Grove Nazarene Camp

Annette spoke to us about clutter; this is something we can all relate to!  Heads were nodding in agreement as she spoke about clutter crowding out other things that are important to us. Annette is an engaging speaker and very relatable to her audience.  She effectively speaks to her point in an engaging and fun way! 
–Nancy Miller, Assistant Teaching Director, Community Bible Study 

Everything was explained in-depth to the children. It was awesome that each child had the chance to be hands-on with the experiments. Your outgoing, fun, bubbly, suspenseful personality absolutely kept the children’s attention! Thank you for such a fun, energetic and fact-filled science camp! The children truly had an amazing time! 
–Kristin Hill, Preschool Teacher, Avon Grove Nazarene Camp

Caroline came home super excited about your visit today! Thank you!
–Bethany Christian School Parent 

I appreciated the intro, “Why was Laura Ingalls Wilder important?” The students enjoyed the slides and the opportunity to try the “pioneer” toys. Then, at the end, I truly appreciated the biblical integration piece [for this Christian school]. 
–Jennifer Shaw, Second Grade Teacher, Bethany Christian School