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Pollination Activity

Last week I had a program of Insects Make WHAT?! at the Hockessin Book Shelf in Delaware. It was an enthusiastic group of children and their caregivers.
During the presentation I discussed the four insects and the products we use that are included in my first book, Insects as Producers. We had some fun with several rounds of a game, but the highlight of the program was the pollination activity--with cheese puffs.

To better understand or demonstrate how insects and flowers work together, you can do this activity, too.

Please note: If you have invited me to your school for an author visit, please know this may be part of my presentation. It may be best to share this activity with your students after my visit. Thank you!

Materials and Supplies:
small, wrapped candy pieces or erasers
cheese puffs (I prefer to use Herr's brand)
paper towel

1. Using a marker, draw flowers on a paper towel.
2. Place the candy in the bowl.
3. Fill the bowl with cheese puffs.
4. Using your hand, dig through the cheese puffs to get a piece of candy.
5. Wipe your hand on the paper towel. Repeat steps four and five until all of the candy is gone.
6. How do the bowl, candy, cheese puffs, cheese powder, and paper towel represent parts of the pollination process? Even your hand plays a role!

What happened? You search the bowl like an insect searches for nectar. Just as you find what you're looking for, so does the insect. Both get powder on them. The cheese powder transfers to the paper towel. The pollen dust transfers to another flower resulting in fertilization and seeds!

Download the directions for this fun pollination activity HERE. 

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