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Critiques and Coaching

A critique helps you consider elements of your story you (and your critique group) may have overlooked. I love helping other writers take their manuscript to the next level in preparation for submission. My writing critiques are caring but detailed.

Writers, before you get a professional critique, you may be interested in using some of these tips and resources for children's writers or a free on-demand writing class called 5 Tips for Writers from the KidLit Creatives. 

Please Note: "Manuscript" refers to a properly formatted manuscript using 1-inch margins, double spacing, and 12-point font. Resumes and cover letters should be single-spaced. All should be Word documents.

Clients Say:

 This is all exactly what I needed! Thanks so much for your feedback! This is all very detailed and helpful! I like your specific suggestions about word choice and how to add/flesh out certain sentences. I also like your thoughts about changing passive verbs to active and writing for magazines...I'll definitely keep you in mind for future projects!

- Megan Northcote  

I've been studying children's writing for a few years now, and I'm fortunate to be a newly published author. I find that many materials as resources have similar messages, and they do not have much to offer in terms of helping me take my work to the next level. Therefore, I am always looking for people who are good critique and editing sources. Annette met my work exactly where it was. She didn't cover basics that I already knew, but she addressed gaps in my picture book manuscript that I could not see from looking at it so much. She gave me specific notes about varying sentence structure and ideas about potentially better word choices. She provided constructive criticism and praise with equal gentleness and excitement. I would definitely use her critique services again and recommend that others also do!
                                          - Amy R. Murrell 

I hired Annette Whipple to evaluate my work-for-hire packet. Her comments and suggestions for my cover letter, resume and writing samples were on-target. She provided detailed feedback that was understandable, helpful and professional. I feel confident in submitting to an editor for a work-for-hire assignment. I will definitely use Annette's services again.

                                                                                                              -Desiree Webber
 “Your notes and talking points are meaningful to improvement of my manuscript. The suggestion to write [my topic’s] story for a magazine is a must. Thank you for inserting that into my to do list. Varying my sentence structure and more emotion are top of the list for revisions. Notes from you on plot and structure about the chapters are ones I will ponder. Your suggestion makes sense. All your comments throughout are valuable. My gratitude for your helpful critique which made me hopeful.”
- Melanie through an SCBWI Critique
As I continue to develop as a writer, the importance of having people you can trust to edit my work is becoming more and more essential. Annette Whipple is an insightful editor who offers guidance and encouragement in how your work can be improved without discouraging the work you have poured yourself into.
-Amy K. Radford
I really appreciate the time, attention and detail Annette put into reviewing my picture book manuscript. I was pleasantly surprised to receive an overview letter along with more specific comments within my manuscript. She offered me helpful insights which really helped me to strengthen my story. I found her critique to be appropriately constructive and also encouraging. I would happily recommend working with Annette to fellow writers!
-Lindsey Pope

Picture Book, Chapter Book, Middle Grade, and Proposal Critiques

First Page Critique, $25
Many clients want to know what to expect from a professional critique. For a first page critique, I provide comments within your manuscript just as I would in a full critique. (If you choose to follow this with a full critique within 30 days, you receive a $25 discount on your full critique.) 

Picture Book Critique, $100
My picture book critiques include strengths and weaknesses as well as suggestions to consider regarding your structure, development, word choice, characters, and more. I write comments in your manuscript and also include an editorial letter with thoughtful notes to help you strengthen your manuscript. (The letter averages two pages in length.) I critique both fictional and informational picture books. Fees start at $100 for up to six pages of one double-spaced manuscript. An additional read of the same manuscript is $50. 

Picture Book Bundle, $275
Agents need their clients to have a variety of projects ready to pitch to editors, so they want you to have three polished manuscripts before taking you on as client. With this picture book bundle, you receive complete critiques of three picture books as well as one cover letter. 

Cover Letter Review, $30
I can also review your cover letter to help you get your manuscript noticed. A cover letter review is $30. If you also purchase a manuscript critique at the same time, it is just $25. If you need a writing resume reviewed, I can also do that for $30.

Early Chapter Books, Middle Grade Informational/Nonfiction, and Proposal Critiques
Please contact me about your project and needs for pricing.

Work-for-Hire Submission Package Critique

Send publishers a WFH submission packet to get writing assignments. The packet typically includes a cover letter, resume, and two short writing samples. (Learn more about writing for educational publishers here.)

Basic WFH Package Critique, $125
The Standard Critique includes an editorial letter with notes about your cover letter, resume, and one writing sample (up to four pages). Additional comments and line edits are included in your documents. An additional read of the same sample is $50.

Premium WFH Package Critique, $175
The Premium WFH Critique includes two pages of notes about your cover letter, resume, and two writing samples (up to four pages each though shorter is typically better). Additional comments and line edits are included in your documents. An additional read of the same sample is $50 each.

Crafting and Support WFH Package Critique, $200
The Crafting and Support Critique provides support to help you shape your cover letter and resume. Submit four writing samples, and I'll assist you in choosing your two strongest writing samples (with critiques of the two) to include in your writing packet in addition to 2+ page editorial letter. Additional notes and line edits are included in your documents. We also communicate with a 45-minute phone call, video chat, or additional emails. An additional read of the same sample is $50 each. 

Additional Coaching and Mentoring Services

Do you need some career advice or coaching? I'd love to chat with a phone call or video meeting. (Email coaching is also available, but my clients find the back and forth of a conversation works best.) 

Would you like more intensive and personal mentoring services? Let's chat (no commitment)! 

To best know if I can serve you well as a coach or mentor, please email me at annettemwhipple[at]gmail[dot]com. In your email, let me know what genre you write, how I can best help you, and anything else you would like me to know. 

My coaching calls begin at $50 for 30 minutes or $70 for 45 minutes. 

Mentoring situations are personalized for each mentee, as are related fees. 

Video Courses

If you're curious about our classes for KidLit Creatives, check out the free previews included in courses. Use this discount code on any of our courses from KidLit Creatives. 
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Code: WRITE15

Contact Me

Contact me about your project. Email me at annettemwhipple[at]gmail[dot]com to talk about your needs and our schedules. No commitment necessary!


"Manuscript" refers to manuscript using standard 1-inch margins, double spacing, and 12-point font. Resumes and cover letters should be single-spaced. All should be Word documents. Once I receive your story as a Word document, I'll send you an invoice. Please include "CRITIQUE" in the subject of the email. 

Note: When emailing your manuscript or other documents for critique, please name the document with your name and the title or topic. It might look like Whipple_Insect_PB or something similar.

I am happy to recommend a few other writers who provide affordable critiques if I'm not available or if there is a conflict of interest. 

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