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Author Visits

Annette offers both in-person and virtual visits to schools, libraries, conferences, and more. She also provides professional development workshops for educators and presentations for writing conferences. Annette lives in Pennsylvania (very close to Maryland and Delaware) and is willing to travel for author presentations. 

Please contact Annette to discuss how school visits and programs can be altered or even created to fit your group's needs. Schools, libraries, homeschooling, conferences, and private groups are welcome! 

Author Visits

These are large-group programs typically for school-aged children. Most can be adapted to virtual visits.

Nonfiction: Facts Are Fun Grades K-3
Annette shares with children the excitement and discovery process of nonfiction writing. Using her writing process as an example, she answers some of kids' big nonfiction questions. Where do ideas come from? How do you research? How does it become a book? Children catch the nonfiction excitement for themselves and learn cool stuff! 
The Write Way Grades 3-12, Educators
Nonfiction: Facts Are Fun author visit
How does a writer create a story? Annette shares her tips for creating an interesting nonfiction story in this interactive program. Brainstorming, fact-finding, and writing are the beginning of a story. Revisions make it fantastic! (A companion professional development workshop is also available. It's also highly successful as a multi-day classroom program.) 
Insects Make WHAT?! Grades 3-8
You know about honey and silk, but what else do we use that insects make? Insects play a big role in the products people use. Join Annette as she teaches about surprisingly useful insects and their hard, colorful, sweet, and soft products in this interactive children’s program including game show-style audience participation. 
Bugs and Blooms Grades K-3
Flowers make seeds and insects help them. Insects need the sweet nectar found in flowers. Flowers and insects are both necessary for people. Annette explores flowers and insects and how their design promotes pollination and interdependence. Groups of less than 25 can dissect flowers. Learn about the details of this program here
Laura Ingalls Wilder: Beyond the Prairie Girl Grades 3-Adult
Annette engages all generations in the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder as she discusses how the pioneer girl we read about in the Little House books became an author and about the adult life of Laura Ingalls Wilder. (This is also a popular program for a multi-generational audience.)
Pioneer Childhood Grades 1-6
What was it like to be a child on the American frontier? Annette engages the audience about westward expansion, education, play, and home life for the pioneer children.
Learn to Read, Love to Read (Family literacy for parents)
We want our children to read for fun and not just for school. Learn how to choose books to interest your child, as well as practical and creative ideas to foster the fun of reading with your children. Help your child read for the joy of reading. 
Family Literacy Night
Annette is happy to present to large and/or small groups of mixed ages as part of your Family Literacy Night. Each program is unique to meet the needs of the hosting community.
Insects Make WHAT?! author visit
The audience for the programs can be flexible, but typically Insects Make WHAT?!, The Write Way, and Laura Ingalls Wilder tend to be for older students. Bugs and Blooms and Facts Are Fun are for younger audiences. Pioneer Childhood can be for either age group.

Read FAQ here.
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All programs (even assemblies) are interactive! They also meet the Next Generation Science Standards and/or Common Core State Standards. 

I also teach teachers with hands-on professional development workshops. Learn more about my educator workshops(It's often possible to schedule these after school the same day as an author visit or during an in-service.) 

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When Contacting Annette Whipple about Author Visits...

When you first contact Annette, it's helpful for her to know the following, though you might not have all the answers yet. 
• Name and address of the school
• Grades you would like included in the author visit
• Approximate number of children in each session
• If you need to discuss budget
• Helpful details 
     - Do you want every student to see Annette or just a few classes?
     - Do you want a half or full-day author visit? (Single programs are for very local schools only.)
     - Mention if you're interested in professional development for staff or a family literacy night. 

2020-2021 Author Visit and Speaking Fees

Please talk to me about your budget concerns. 
I've been able to work with schools with smaller budgets.
$700 preferred for a half day of local presentations and/or workshops 
     2 sessions (or 3 mini-sessions for preschool or kindergarten)
$1,100 preferred for a full day of local presentations and/or workshops 
     3 sessions (sometime 4 sessions for K-1)
     Another program may be added for an additional fee.

Multi-day discounts available for author visits. 

Travel expenses can be shared between schools when booked on consecutive days.
Local fees are for Annette's local area including parts of PA, DE, and MD through August 2019. Additional fees and travel expenses apply for non-local presentations from Oxford, Pennsylvania.

Virtual Visits

Once again, please talk to me about your budget concerns. My preferred virtual rates are first 45 minutes for $100. Each additional half hour $40. We can chat about full-day author visit fees, too.

Most of my programs can be adapted to the screen (though we all prefer in-person programs). Single programs are also available. All virtual visits cost significantly less than in-person author visits. 

Download a brochure HERE

Children's Workshops (group size limited)

Writing Workshops- Nonfiction writing workshops available for small groups. (Grades PreK-High School)
Roller Coasters- Explore the physics of roller coasters and participants create miniature coasters. (Grades PreK-8)
Bridges- Learn about different types of bridges. Build beam and suspension bridges and test their strength. (Upper Elementary-Middle School)
Pioneer Life
Candle Dipping- Dip candles to keep and learn how pioneers made candles. (All ages)

Pioneer LifeCollect and identify garden vegetables, wash laundry using a washboard, and play games to learn about pioneer life. An outdoor setting is preferred but not necessary. (Grades PreK-6)
Before You Blog- This introductory program discusses blogging basics for those who want to create a blog and are unsure where to begin. Attendees are encouraged to use their passion to connect with their audience through the blog's niche, name, and design. Attendees will understand the basics of blogging platforms, domains, and SEO. (Middle School-Adult)

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