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Thank you, educators, librarians, and program coordinators for your kind words about my presentations!

(See feedback about adult presentations here.)

     Your passion and love of learning, reading, and writing was very evident in your enthusiasm as you spoke and we all thoroughly enjoyed your visit! I just wanted to reach out and let you know that your excitement for learning was contagious and impactful and very much appreciated by little growing minds and their families!
-A Family Literacy Night Parent,

    As many of us have discovered this year, teaching children virtually is a challenge. How do we keep them engaged and attentive? Annette did just that for an event for our bookstore. She prepared a presentation and a fun trivia game for our guests. The game kept the children challenged yet interested. I and the other adult attendees even learned some fun new facts!
     Annette would be a great addition to any school's curriculum as her non-fiction books cover everything science, history, writing and geography. She was an amazing author to partner with for a successful virtual event. I look forward to an opportunity to work with Annette again soon.
-Stephany Pachowka, Children's Bookseller
Hockessin Book Shelf

     It's not easy to find an author who focuses solely on non-fiction! Your use of personal experiences that inspired your books were engaging and allowed the students to connect to your message. The students and staff enjoyed your visit as it dovetailed nicely with the non-fiction units that the students have been working on. What was most effective about your programs was the ability to tailor your message to the various grade-levels and engage all levels of learners. We look forward to your return to East Coventry Elementary School.
-Todd Oswald, Principal
East Coventry Elementary School
     You should most definitely have her come to your school for an author visit! Her passion for reading and encouraging students to learn is contagious! 
         - Kindergarten Teacher, Fort Zeller Elementary
     She really talked on the kids' level and had them understand how fun and interesting nonfiction can be! The kids loved the bee, Abee! 
                      - Ruthanne Gray, Kindergarten Teacher
                         Jackson Elementary

I thought you did a great job engaging all students regardless of age (1st-5th grade students). I loved the interaction and the games you played with the students. The visuals were also very appealing and added to their attention during the presentations. Your wealth of knowledge of the topics presented was incredible. Sharing your experience as an author was also helpful- especially to the older students who do not always buy into the revision/edit process of writing. I would definitely recommend you other schools and organizations.
- Benita Clark, Reading Specialist Coordinator,
Bethel Springs Elementary

I loved how your presentation led nicely into our end of the year research project! We do a living wax museum where students research a famous person and report on his/her life via visual and oral presentation. I feel it was a nice "activating strategy" for kids to hear how you didn't like to write when you were their age yet, here you are! A famous author! Thank you for lighting a spark in them.
- Debbie Philippi, Fourth Grade ELA Teacher
Northeast Bradford Elementary

Annette was a very good presenter, specifically because of her background in teaching. She was able to use many teaching strategies when speaking to the students and maintaining their attention. My students and myself learned a lot of facts about 'bugs and blooms', which the students found extremely interesting and held their attention long after the presentation ended.
- Third Grade Teacher, Northeast Bradford Elementary

It was impressive to see the enthusiasm displayed by the author during the presentation.
- Sixth Grade Math Teacher, Northeast Bradford Elementary

         Becoming a teacher comes with an expectation that one has a vast wealth of knowledge to impart on inquiring minds. That's a tall order, but one I felt pretty confident I could fill. Most of my time in the classroom runs smoothly. I LOVE children's literature, so ELA is a breeze, Math is so much fun to teach and learn about, but writing...well that has always presented a challenge, I muddle through, but never feel super confident about the entire process. Annette immediately offered her services. She was fantastic. She provided authentic, first hand tips and information that really resonated with me and my students. She walked us through the process, good, bad and time consuming through a piece that I truly felt confident following through with. Her time was invaluable, I have insider information that no teaching manual could offer and my students have confidently compiled five paragraphs that they feel good about!

                          -Jessica Scalise, Fifth Grade ELA Teacher
Avon Grove Charter School

Annette's event "Insects Make What?!" was a hit in our book, pun intended! The program was interactive and engaging not just for the children at the event but for the adults as well. Mrs. Whipple has a wonderful rapport with children and  knows how to grab their attention and teach them without it seeming like a lecture or a class. It was a very fun way to learn about insects and the products they have a hand in producing! I cannot wait for her next book and next event. 
-Dwi Grandison, Children's Coordinator
Hockessin Book Shelf
The children at our library were enthralled by Ms. Whipple’s presentation, “Insects Make WHAT?!” They especially enjoyed participating in the game show while learning facts about insects. Annette obviously understands that children learn better in a playful environment, and her passion for education is evidenced by her enthusiastic interactions with the children. Everyone, young and old, had a great time! We will be inviting her back.
                         – Erin Miller, Children's Librarian
Oxford Library

           Mrs. Whipple had my 1st graders mesmerized with the process of writing an informational book. The kids were engaged and by the time she left, the students were all talking about what they'd like to learn and write about during our writing class or when they get older and become authors themselves. Being able to interact with a real author, face-to-face, is a great way to help ignite a child's love of writing. Thanks Mrs. Whipple so much for sharing your talents with us. 
– Kristin Wills, First Grade Teacher
Avon Grover Charter School ELC

Annette did a lovely job of talking to our patrons about Laura Ingalls Wilder's life. The children and parents were intrigued by any new information they obtained and got excited when they could answer any of Annette's questions. The props she brought along with her were definitely a crowd pleaser. Games were played before the program started and attendees stayed after to take a look at all of the items Annette had displayed. Definitely fun for all ages!
                                          -Taylor Kutz, Youth Librarian
Kutztown Community Library      

Everything was explained in-depth to the children. It was awesome that each child had the chance to be hands-on with the experiments. Your outgoing, fun, bubbly, suspenseful personality absolutely kept the children’s attention! Thank you for such a fun, energetic and fact-filled science camp! The children truly had an amazing time! 
–Kristin Hill, Preschool Teacher
Avon Grove Nazarene Camp