Three books are now available. Two more titles will be published fall of 2018. 

Flowers (A Closer Look at Plants) Book Description:
Flowers are more than just decoration. They have an important job. But they can't always do it alone. Find out more about the work of flowers, how they attract help, and how they help plant species survive.
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Soil (A Closer Look at Plants) Book Description:
Soil hides most of the time, but it's important. Dig into the layers of soil and learn how it is made. Find out how soil helps plants and other living things thrive. Are you ready to get your hands dirty?

Insects make WHAT?!
Insects as Producers Book Description: 
Insects provide a variety of products people use. Red dye, honey, beeswax, silk, and resins all have a long history and are insect products still used today. Learn more about the cochineal, honeybee, silkworm, and lac insects and what they make in Insects as Producers.