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The Laura Ingalls Wilder Companion: A Chapter-by-Chapter Guide provides brief introductions to each Little House book, chapter-by-chapter story guides, and additional information related to each of the books’ content and history. “Fact vs. Fiction” sidebars tell the surprising truth about Laura Ingalls Wilder’s writing, while 75 activities, crafts, and recipes encourage kids to “Live Like Laura” using easy-to-find supplies. Thoughtful questions help the reader develop appreciation and understanding for stories. 

Whooo Knew? The Truth about Owls from Reycraft Books. It's a question-and-answer picture book. You can read my book announcement here
This is Alexandria. I met her and Quincy during my research for my owl book.

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Africa (Earth's Continents) 

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North America
North America (Earth's Continents) 

Flowers (A Closer Look at Plants) 

Soil (A Closer Look at Plants)

Insects as Producers
Insects as Producers