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Quirky Critter Devotions Available Now

Earlier this month, my 13th book came out into the world with Tyndale House.
Every devotion in Quirky Critter Devotions: 52 Wild Wonders for Kids includes wonderfully weird animal facts with a faith connection, journaling space, and hands-on activities. The prayers and Bible verses help children connect with God even more. Readers love the humorously illustrated "Wild Wonder" bonus fact. 

Look Inside

Take a peek inside! Did you know wood frogs quack?
While writing Quirky Critter Devotions, my intention was to bring attention to some little known animals as well as favorites! 

If you're not sure if Quirky Critter Devotions: 52 Wild Wonders for Kids is for you, check out the table of contents and read the sample available on Tyndale, Amazon, and CBD. It's also available for purchase through your local bookstore--just request it before you go as well as other online sources. 

I'd love for you to support your local bookstore. But here are some online options, too.

Free Printable Animal Cards

Quirky Critter Devotions makes a fabulous gift! You can even print Quirky Critter Question Cards for free! Add them to someone's Easter basket this year!

How People Are Using Quirky Critter Devotions to Celebrate Curiosity

• For the child animal-lover
• As a family devotional read aloud
• As a Sunday school "curriculum"
• As homeschool science and faith lessons
• Even for the adult animal-lover

Behind the Book

Are you curious how this book came about? It took several major transformations over nearly eight years! Seriously! But I have no regrets. Read the full story behind Quirky Critter Devotions.

My Other Books

Did you know I write fact-filled books for kids? I love science and history! I have also created comprehensive teacher/family guides for many of my books. Check out the teacher guides here. 

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