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Teacher PD

I have a special heart for teachers because when I was a classroom teacher, I felt underprepared to teach writing (even with good curriculum). It wasn't until I began taking writing courses I learned to really appreciate that the writing process doesn't change much for third graders or professional writers. 

I teach virtually and in-person. 

Book an author visit, professional development, or family literacy night combo at the same time to get a discount. 

Teachers' Professional Development Workshops

Consider inviting nonfiction children's author Annette Whipple for an author visit, family literacy event, or professional development. 

Celebrate Curiosity with Nonfiction Books
Nonfiction books spark curiosity, celebrate diversity, inspire creativity and encourage enthusiasm. Children's author Annette Whipple shares strategies and activities to effectively use nonfiction in K-12 classrooms with ELA, science, and history. Take advantage of today's nonfiction to explore topics through many recommended books. 

Educators' Facts Are Fun: Teaching the Nonfiction Writing Process
Annette shares strategies and hands-on activities to effectively teach the nonfiction writing process to students with an emphasis on student research. Participants will use mind mapping, learn tools to evaluate sources, explore revisions, and more. Depending on the time allowed, Annette can focus on the full writing process or just one aspect such as research or revisions to meet your needs. 

Mentor Texts in the Classroom
Mentor texts provide a model for student writers to study and imitate. Use them to "show not tell." Annette shares strategies and hands-on activities to help teachers utilize a variety of mentor texts in the classroom. Hands-on writing time help teachers to understand the mentor text teaching/writing process even more.   

Brainstorm and Research Nonfiction
Author Annette Whipple helps classroom and homeschool teachers guide their students to better evaluate online resources, use a variety of sources, and find the "wow" facts while organizing research notes. She also discusses the importance of copyright—both for words and images.

Teachers Write! Writing for the Educational Market
Teachers make fantastic children's writers. If you're curious and enjoy researching and writing about new topics, consider writing for the educational market. Learn how to get assignments from editors to write books and other resources for students like yours! 

Family Literacy Events
Celebrate Curiosity
This presentation sprinkles practical reading advice between trivia questions for the whole family. Together, we celebrate the love of reading and children's curiosity. 

Learn to Read, Love to Read 
We want our children to read for fun and not just for school. Learn how to choose books to interest your child, as well as practical and creative ideas to foster the fun of reading with your children. Help your child read for the joy of reading. 

Email me at annettemwhipple[AT]gmail[dot]com. (Please substitute @ and . for the words.)

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