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Adult Events

My audience goes beyond children. How can I serve your group today?

I present virtually and in-person. 
Watch a 5-minute video clip of a presentation.

General Audience Adult Programs
See Annette's writers and teachers' workshops at the links above. 

What If?

Not all of us have a circle of close friends, yet we're built for community. Annette shares how she was inspired by a favorite fictional character (from the book Emily of Deep Valley by Maud Hart Lovelace) to step out of her comfort zone and prioritize relationships during times of loneliness. Annette challenges audiences to consider friendship and ask, "What if?" 

Raising Readers
We want our children to read for fun and not just for school. Learn how to choose books to interest your child, as well as practical and creative ideas to foster the fun of reading with your children—even in a world of screens. Help your child read for the joy of reading.  

Celebrate Curiosity

Watch with wonder as you help the children in your life discover the marvels of this world. Know the fun of asking questions even if you don’t have all the answers. Annette Whipple shares inspiration from parents, educators, scientists, and children’s authors to help you celebrate curiosity every day with the children you care about. 

Real-Life Revisions

We renovate houses and upgrade cars—both are real-life revisions. Sometimes life requires a pivot or proofread in matters of faith, too. Annette challenges her audience to look beyond exhaustion, busyness, and financial concerns to the solution of our biggest problems: God. 

Laura Ingalls Wilder: Beyond the Prairie Girl

How did the pioneer girl we read about in the Little House books became an author? How much of the Little House books were true? Laura Ingalls Wilder authority and author Annette Whipple engages audiences about the facts and fiction of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

What People Say...

“Heads were nodding in agreement as Annette spoke. She is an engaging speaker and very relatable to her audience. She effectively speaks to her point in an engaging and fun way!”  
- Nancy Miller, Assistant Teaching Director, Southern Chester County CBS 

“Your passion and love of learning, reading, and writing was very evident in your enthusiasm as you spoke, and we all thoroughly enjoyed your visit! I just wanted to reach out and let you know that your excitement for learning was contagious and impactful and very much appreciated by little growing minds and their families!” 
- Sarah Ferron, Attendee 

 "The first time I heard Annette speak, I was struck by two things: how easy it was to listen to her and how much enthusiasm she has…An articulate and energetic speaker, Annette's love of teaching and desire to benefit others with her own experience came through loud and clear. I found her excitement contagious!" 
- Sara Matson, Attendee

If you need easy-to-share information about me...

Email me at annettemwhipple[AT]gmail[dot]com. (Please substitute @ and . for the words.) It's helpful to know your location and budget when you contact me.