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Chomp! The Truth About Sharks

I'm thrilled to tell you that Chomp! The Truth About Sharks will be in readers' hands on October 15, 2024. Some librarians have already shared their students' excitement! 

Did you see the sneak-peek on social media? Are you ready for the full cover?  
I'd love to hear what you think of the cover! I really appreciate that you can see the rows of the shark's teeth as well as what look like freckles. 

But sharks don't have freckles. What are they?

They're actually jelly-filled pores called Ampullae of Lorenzini. These super sensors detect electricity in other living creatures and help sharks to be super-successful predators.

A Question-and-Answer Format

Like all the books in The Truth About animal series, Chomp! The Truth About Sharks uses a question-and-answer book structure. Kids' popular questions get answered!
   Are sharks fish?
   Why do sharks lose so many teeth?
   Can sharks smell blood?
   Will a shark bite me?
   and more!

At the end of the main text, readers learn even more! 
   Sensational Sharks highlights 13 unique sharks.
   Shark Fact or Fiction clarifies or confirms rumors about sharks. 
   Try This: Sink or Float? science experiment helps readers understand shark anatomy.
   Glossary and Helpful Websites provide more information for readers.

Hardcover and Paperback

Like all of The Truth About animal books, Chomp! The Truth About Sharks is available in an affordable paperback or hardcover edition. AND like the rest of the series, the hardcover includes a full-size poster! 

What do I mean by a full-size poster? Take a look at this brief unboxing video of my book Ribbit! The Truth About Frogs. I show off the frog poster in it! Watch it here.

Pre-Order from Your Local Bookstore or Library

Want to know more about sharks? Then I hope you'll pre-order a copy of Chomp! The Truth About Sharks from your local bookstore or online. If it's not in your budget, please request it at your local library! (I LOVE when you all do that!!) Please know that pre-orders are very important for authors and publishers. To pre-order, you'll need at least the title and my name, but here are more details to help you pre-order this shark book! And if you want a personalized copy, keep on reading!
   Title: Chomp! The Truth About Sharks
   Author: Annette Whipple
   Publisher: Reycraft Books
   Publishing Date: October 15, 2024
  Hardcover ISBN: 978-1478885788 (with full-size poster)
  Paperback ISBN: 978-1478885795

Pre-order a PERSONALIZED CHOMP! with Discount

For the first time ever, I'm working with a local bookstore for signed pre-orders that can be personalized and mailed to you! 

At this time, the best way to request a personalized pre-order for Chomp! The Truth About Sharks is to contact Nook Books by emailing them at They will provide a 10% discount for pre-orders of Chomp! And if your order totals over $25, you get free shipping while supporting a small business! In your email just tell them what book(s) you'd like. Just mention Chomp! The Truth About Sharks and my name, and let them know if you prefer hardcover or paperback.

Nook Books is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and now owned by Shawn and Maile Smucker. You can follow their book shop on Instagram

(No, I don't live in Lancaster, but I'm less than an hour away. Living rural means you drive to bookstores...and Target...and most places. But I do have a library, good pizza shops (plural!), and a hardware store in town.) 

Pre-order from On-line Retailers

How about you? Do you know anyone who might want to read Chomp! The Truth About Sharks? In addition to the personalized copies or supporting your local bookstore, you can also order from online retailers Reycraft Books, Barnes and Noble, BookShop, and Amazon

Thank you sooooo much for all of your support! I appreciate it!

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