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Virtual Author Visits

We don't know what next school year will look like. But I anticipate most schools will limit visitors--including authors like me. I love every opportunity to teach, even online. That's why I want to talk a bit about virtual author visits.

What to Expect from a Virtual Author Visit 

I've adapted some of my programs for virtual visits through Skype and Zoom. (If you prefer another format, let me know.) These are similar to my in-person events but adapted for online engagement and learning.

These virtual author visits are for all school and homeschool groups. Most presentations are 45-60 minutes in length (which includes a Q&A time). However, my kindergarten-second grade programs are closer to 30 minutes.

Virtual Author Visit Options

Grades K-3: Facts Are Fun
Facts Are Fun explores the excitement nonfiction and informational writing process. I answer some of kids' big questions. Where do ideas come from? How do I research? Can they do the same?

Grades 3-12: The Write Way
How does a writer create an informational story? I share tips on brainstorming, fact-finding, and all of the writing process with an emphasis on revisions.

Grades 3-8: Insects Make What? 
Students know about honey and silk, but what else do they use that insects make? I share about the surprisingly useful insects and the products we use--and often eat!

Grades 3-12: Laura Ingalls Wilder
Get to know more about the pioneer girl we read about in the Little House books and how Laura Ingalls Wilder became an author.

Virtual Professional Development and More

For schools and libraries interested in a virtual family literacy night or professional development, I am available for those, too! If a group is small enough, we can discuss on-site options, as well.

Virtual Author Visit Pricing

I provide virtual author visits at half the price of my regular school visits since no travel is involved.  If you are unable to afford these discounted prices, please contact me to talk about your budget. I know school and PTA budgets have been hit hard recently.

FREE 15-minute Q&A
for classes who have read my book. 
(Limited availability. Limit one free visit per school.) 

1 virtual visit $175
2 virtual visits $300
4 virtual visits $500
These prices do not reflect family literacy night or professional development fees. 
Please contact me to learn more. 

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