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Virtual Author Visits

Virtual author visits help schools, especially in rural areas or with low funding, to experience author visits. I've been presenting online since 2018 and would love to serve your community. 

First, I want to provide two resources to help you debunk myths about school visits. 
Truth #1: Author visits benefit students.  (And here's another related article.

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What to Expect from a Virtual Author Visit 

I've adapted some of my programs for virtual visits through Zoom (or your preferred virtual format). These are similar to my in-person events but adapted for online engagement and learning. (How students interact with me depends on the size of the group and teacher preference. Personally, I enjoy the interaction.) 

These virtual author visits are for all school and homeschool groups. Most presentations are 45-60 minutes in length (which includes a Q&A time). However, my kindergarten-second grade programs are closer to 30 minutes. I can revise programs to meet your timing and topic needs.
This is Edna. She's just the exoskeleton of a Brazilian white knee spider. 
Edna would love to say hello to your students!

My goal is to support teacher instruction and excite children about reading and writing.
Thank you so much!! You were amazing, and our students truly enjoyed your time with us.  You were inspiring and fun.  Thank you so much friend for your time.
- Jamie Robinson, Special Education Teacher, BT BOCES West Learning Center
As many of us have discovered this year, teaching children virtually is a challenge. How do we keep them engaged and attentive? Annette did just that for an event for our bookstore. She prepared a presentation and a fun trivia game for our guests. The game kept the children challenged yet interested. I and the other adult attendees even learned some fun new facts!

Annette would be a great addition to any school's curriculum as her non-fiction books cover everything science, history, writing and geography. She was an amazing author to partner with for a successful virtual event. I look forward to an opportunity to work with Annette again soon.

-Stephany Pachowka, Children's Bookseller, Hockessin Book Shelf

Virtual Author Visit Options

Below are some of my in-person author visits that have been adapted to work well virtually. If you'd like a program to focus on a certain book or part of the writing process such as research or revisions, just let me know. How else can I customize a program for your group? Or are you interested in something not listed? Let's chat!

Most Popular Virtual Author Visits
Celebrate Curiosity Grades 3 and up (adaptable for younger grades)
In this program, Annette guides students to celebrate their personal curiosity and become myth busters. Students examine some science and historical myths and find the truth as Annette shares about the research process OR interactive trivia. 

Facts Are Fun Grades K-3
Facts Are Fun explores the excitement nonfiction and informational writing process. I answer some of kids' big questions. Where do ideas come from? How do I research? Can they do the same?

The Write Way Grades 3-12
How does a writer create an informational story? I share tips on brainstorming, fact-finding, and all of the writing process with an emphasis on revisions.

Interested in a different topic for a virtual author visit? Just ask! 

Virtual writing workshops are also available on a limited basis. These often work best as multiple sessions with the same group.

Virtual Professional Development

For schools interested in a professional development, I am available for those, too! If a group is small enough, we can discuss on-site options, as well.

Virtual Family Literacy Night

For schools and libraries interested in a virtual family literacy night, I am happy to create a program for your community. My presentation can focus on the caregivers or it can be an interactive program for families. 

Virtual Author Visit Pricing

Multi-day discounts available for in-person and virtual author visits. 

 Please contact me at annettemwhipple at gmail dot com. 
Let's make your budget work! 

FREE 15-minute Q&A for classes who have read my book.
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