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Quirky Critter Question Cards Printable

I'm thrilled to have a unique (and free) printable for readers of Quirky Critter Devotions: 52 Wild Wonders for Kids. (Coming March 5, 2024 from Tyndale.) 

My long-time followers have seen the comprehensive teacher guides (also used by families) for The Truth About animal series. Since Quirky Critter Devotions includes activities and journal entries for every animal in the book, I talked to my editorial team about what we might do. We came up with Quirky Critter Question Cards! 
Each of the 52 critter cards features one animal. In addition to a photograph, each card features two questions. One question relates to the animal, and the other is an open-ended question related to the reader. 
Print the Quirky Critter Question Cards on paper or card stock. Cut them apart and enjoy with Quirky Critter Devotions

Pre-order your copy today from your favorite bookstore (or online source). Order from Tyndale to save 20%.

If you like the Quirky Critter Question Cards, you might also be interested in my animal teacher guides. Like these cards, they're free. You don't even need to provide an email address. (But if you want to subscribe, please do!) 

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