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Preschool Writing Workshop

I was the guest teacher on the final day of Fun with Books week at a camp for children who had finished preschool and kindergarten. We wrapped up the week with a special author day.
As I prepared for author day, I knew the children's writing, drawing, and coloring abilities would vary.  We also only had about two hours together. Though I am an author, this day was about these children being authors...not me! With these things in mind, I created a fun workshop for the children.

Writing Workshop Part 1: Mary Wore Her Red Dress

We created a class book about us after reading Mary Wore Her Red Dress. Here are a couple pages the children wrote and illustrated.

The children read and shared their page before it was placed in our book. Every child received a digital copy of the book they contributed to!

Before our snack break we acted out how books are made.

Writing Workshop Part 2: Who Am I?

After a reading of Peek-A-Moo, we created our own books. To keep with our nonfiction writing theme, the children wrote Who Am I? books. They chose one of four topic options: train, flower, shark, pig.
The children traced a key word on each page.
Each book included several clues before announcing the topic of the book.

As you can see, there were optional pre-cut shapes the children could use in their illustrations. They included additional detail, too.

Each book ended with an About the Author page. It included the author's name, age, and a self-portrait.

The children had fun writing, illustrating, and sharing their own books. I had fun encouraging them as authors!

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