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New Books!

Last year I was asked to write two books as part of Rourke Educational Media's series called Earth's Continents. This entire series excites me. I learned so much in my research and consultations for Africa and North America. Both of these continents are full of fascinating facts.

With a limited word count, it was difficult to choose what information to include in the main text. Thankfully sidebars and photographs are plentiful! 

The Earth's Continents series will be available in July. We'll be ordering the whole series for my family. If your school or public library needs to update their books about continents, I hope you'll consider this series. Learn more about ordering Africa and North America here.

Each book includes an activity and a recipe. I never would have thought to make peanut butter stew if I hadn't been writing about Africa. My cousin's husband shared his family recipe for atole, a sweet corn drink. I think of it as a warm corn smoothie and a hug from El Salvador.


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