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The Best Kind of Research

Since I write nonfiction, everything I write is based on facts. Even if I "know" a fact, I have to back it up with research.

Often, my research is spent finding good online resources. Other times I pour through articles and books or interview experts through email or phone calls.

But sometimes, my research takes me away from my desk and away from my library.
Last week I made some phone calls to some of the museums and homesites related to Laura Ingalls Wilder and her Little House books. I needed some questions answered for my forthcoming book. (Look for it in 2020.) One of the people I spoke to volunteered at the Almanzo Wilder Farm in upstate New York. Jim answered all of my questions. Yet, that conversation convinced me I needed to get to the farm. I knew I'd get answers to questions I didn't even know I had if I went.

It wasn't easy, but Friday morning I came up with a plan to get me there. I was on the road later that afternoon ready for a research trip. You can read about my  at my blog, Little House Companion.

Most of us can't plan an overnight research trip in a few hours, but sometimes, when time is running out, you figure out what to do.

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