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Professional Accomplishments of 2018

Writing is hard work. Unfortunately, writers must wait and wait to see the fruit of their work. But sometimes, if we look hard enough, we'll see our success, just as the flower buds before the plant blooms. In writing, faithfulness in the little things matter, just like in all of life. Today I'm sharing my professional accomplishments, many of which are small successes.

I'm part of a writers' group that is helping the participants look at the past before setting goals for the future. Children's author Julie Hedlund challenged participants of her 12 Days of Christmas for Writers series to posts successes on our blogs this year. She believes New Year's resolutions often come from a place of negativity--of what wasn't accomplished during the previous year. I appreciate how she helps us set goals which build upon our achievements from the previous year. So...with her nudge, I'm sharing my writing and professional successes of 2018 here.

• I completed Africa and North America manuscripts (which were assignments).
• With their publication this summer, I now have five books published since 2016.
• I completed the assignment which will be Sunday school handouts of Bible stories.
• I figured out the structure of a picture book manuscript I'd set aside for a year.
• When I shared that picture book manuscript with an editor at a conference, she invited me to submit it to her as a series with almost no changes.
• After applying, ACSI invited me to present at their educators' conference in Philadelphia. It was great! I've created workshops for educators and writers this year.
• I visited some fabulous schools with author visits. I also did my first Family Literacy Night.
• Chicago Review Press offered me a contract for a companion guide to Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House books. Currently, more than 41,000 words are completed of the manuscript. It's due in the spring.
• I began critiquing a bit for other writers.
• Cecil County Public Library invited me to their book festival. It was my first!
Highlights accepted three pieces from me. One was a STEM activity. The other two were crafts.
My research trip to the Almanzo Wilder Farm in Malone/Burke, New York was incredible. (This is more a success for me because I went. It was incredible because of the volunteers at the farm.)
• I had an invitation to write Sunday school curriculum for the same publisher I wrote the Bible stories for. Unfortunately, I had a conflicting deadline and had to turn it down. But I was glad they liked my writing enough to ask me to do even more.
Happy 2019, friends! Thanks so much for reading!

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