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Author Visit Brochure

Many children's authors develop fun programs to bridge the world of books (both fiction and nonfiction) with the real world. Unfortunately not all schools, libraries, and private groups (like Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts) know authors are available to visit and inspire their groups.
There are lots of great authors out there who provide fabulous programs. Visit the website of your favorite children's authors to see what they offer. Maybe they'll be a great fit for your organization.

Of course you can just share a link to an author's website, but sometimes it's good to have something in print to hand a principal, PTO, or den leader. And that's why I just updated my brochure.
Want to spread the word about my author visit programs? You can download my brochure here or see the programs I offer here. I know budgets are often a concern. Many of the schools I've worked with use Title I or PTO funds. Did you know there are even grants available? If you need to raise funds for an author visit, check out these ideas. I can work within the budget of most schools. Talk to me if the budget is a concern.

Thank you for considering investing in a school visit! Children's authors don't earn much money so they really appreciate the opportunity to visit groups like yours.
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