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A Book Announcement: Whooo Knew? The Truth about Owls

Are you curious about the owls pictured here? I met them during my research for the upcoming picture book, tentatively titled Whooo Knew? The Truth about Owls to be published by Reycraft Books in the fall of 2020.
 Each page-spread will be devoted to a question and answer about owls.

The main text answers questions like...
How do owls hunt?
Can owls spin their heads around? 
Do owls puke?
Different owls even share their "thoughts" with readers. 

(Though I typically write nonfiction, this is a fictional element included for fun. Quincy and his pals didn't actually speak to me.)
See that gloved hand? That's ME! I held Quincy.
Quincy is an Eurasian Eagle Owl. Isn't he huge? His species is the largest owl on the planet (depending on how you measure). However, female owls are much larger than males. He only weighs about five pounds. Alexa, of the same species (but not pictured here) was visibly larger.
I also met Alexandria, pictured in this final image.  In the wild, Spectacled Owls like her live in tropical rain forests of Central and South America.

Check out her whiskers! (Quincy has them, too; they just look different.) Can you guess how owls use whiskers? Whooo Knew? The Truth about Owls will tell you.

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