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Prepare Students for an Author Visit

With every author visit my goal is to excite students about reading and writing (and science and history)...because facts are fun!

The students who get the most out of an author visit are the ones who anticipate the presentation before the author even arrives. How does that happen? The school staff, of course!

Here's one simple way to prepare students for an author visit.
Next month I'll visit Linville Hill Elementary. I'm thrilled staff members created a bulletin board to provide a few clues about me (photos courtesy of Dr. Hurst).

The students get to guess who is visiting their school!
How can they possibly guess? The principal told me the teachers are already reading my books to the students. Woo-hoo!

The school purchased a set of books and the teachers sign them out so every class has the chance to read the books they are interested in.

I love it! Not only is this school investing in an author visit which has lots of benefits (see a SLJ article here), but the staff are also preparing the students so they can get the most out of the day.

Time after time, I hear about schools not having the funds to pay for an author visit. Please don't let funds stop you from inviting an author or illustrator to your school. Read how to pay for an author visit.

Read or listen to this interview with a media center specialist to learn how she raises funds for author visits, chooses authors, and most importantly--what makes an author visit successful. 

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