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The Real Writing Process

As a student, I was taught the writing process which includes prewriting, drafting, proofreading, rewriting, and publishing. Later I shared that same writing process with my own students.

I even have a slide in my PowerPoint presentation to remind writers and students of the writing process during author visits. It is THE writing process. 
But I don't want to mislead students, teachers, or writers, so I must share another slide--one that shows the real writing process. Or, at least my writing process.
The real writing process focuses on multiple rounds of proofreading and getting feedback from others. (Twenty drafts is not abnormal for me.)

As I get more and more feedback from my writing on-demand videos and live writing workshops, the more I realize we need to talk about our writing processes. As professional writers, many of us must put a lot of time and energy into revisions. (There's a reason why some call first drafts vomit on a page.)

Teachers, if you have advanced writers in your classes who desire to write well, I would suggest you share the idea that one writing project may need a lot of focus on proofreading--especially revisions. Even some middle school students will benefit from a longer writing process particularly if they want to submit to writing contests or get published.

Teachers, I created an interactive writing resource for you to share with your students. It's all about my writing process for Whooo Knew? The Truth About Owls. It focuses on revisions. Is this helpful? Please tell other teachers! And please tell me, too! Also, I'd love to visit with your classroom with an author visit.
Here's a reminder of the difference between revisions and edits in case you need it...and a free printable!
How about you? Do you find revisions take a long time, or is your writing quickly ready for publication?

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