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Wilbur and Edna

I had so much fun meeting with students from Virginia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Kansas, Pennsylvania, and Indiana to celebrate books for World Read Aloud Day (WRAD).

Each group only had about fifteen minutes since the virtual visits were scheduled back-to-back.  I showed off my recent books, read from Whooo Knew? The Truth About Owls, answered questions, and even recommended a few titles from other authors. 
During that time, I introduced each group to Wilbur and Edna. Wilbur is the Great-horned Owl. That's me, the author, in the middle of the picture. Edna is a Brazilian white-knee spider. A tarantula to be specific. Scientifically speaking, she is of the Acanthoscuria geniculata species. Though she's real, Edna is just the spider skin--the exoskeleton--of a spider. 

You probably already know that I use Wilbur to get kids excited about my book Whooo Knew? The Truth About Owls. (And his name is a nod to my favorite high flyin' brother I wrote about in The Story of the Wright Brothers.) 

But do you know about Edna? I share with readers how I learned a lot about spiders before meeting hundreds of them on a summer afternoon. I tell kids how I probably wouldn't have been bold enough to hold a live tarantula if I hadn't first learned about them. Research can make us brave! 

I'm thrilled Reycraft Books is adding two more books to The Truth About series! Woof! The Truth About Dogs will arrive this spring followed by Scurry! The Truth About Spiders.

If you're interested in inviting me for a virtual event, I'd love to work with your school, library, or community group! In-person events are extremely limited as I plan for the rest of 2021. I'm happy to schedule them in 2022 though. 

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