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Writing Workshops and a Discount

Recently I've been asked about upcoming writing workshops by several writers. My official schedule is here on the blog. You can view my upcoming speaking events here. It is a mix of author visits, presentations, and writing workshops. It's also a combination of in-person and virtual events. I do include updates in my monthly newsletter. 

Some events are open to the public while others are for specific groups. For example, I recently presented to a group of writers (mixed genres and audiences) about connecting with readers "Beyond Book Signings." That workshop was only for that group of New Jersey writers though it was online. Other workshops, like my upcoming SCBWI writing workshop focusing on research, is discounted to members but available at a good price for all online. 

If you check out my schedule and nothing fits for your needs, I'd love for you to recommend me to your local writing group, SCBWI regional advisors, or favorite conference director. I love each opportunity to teach and have been invited to teach repeatedly at some venues. 

I also want to remind you that I teamed up with Veronica Bartles to give writers meaningful workshops online at KidLit Creatives. Between the two of us, we have experience with picture books, chapter books, middle grade, and young adult--both fiction and nonfiction.

Some of our KidLit Creatives courses focus on the kidlit writing craft. Others help writers move forward with the business end of writing. My courses are all available on-demand at your convenience because I hate when I pay for a workshop and don't have time to watch it before it expires. (Veronica offers a variety of formats.)

All of our KidLit Creatives courses include FREE previews so you can 
1) Learn a little for free. 
2) Check out our teaching styles to see if we're a good fit for you. 
3) Do it soon. These courses are only available through June 2022.

We also know the value of hands-on activities (called Write Now!) and provide these for each of our courses--and a lot of them!

If KidLit Creatives' on-demand video courses sounds like something you are interested in, we have a treat for you. 
From February 2-22, 2022, get 22% OFF any of our courses! 
22% OFF
Discount Code: KIDLIT22
February 2-22, 2022

Feel free to share this with other writers!

If you're seeing this blog post after February 22, 2022 and would benefit from a discount, I do announce occasional discounts on social media as well as in my author newsletter. So...let's connect!

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