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The Writing Resource We've Been Waiting For

I'm absolutely thrilled that Kirsten W. Larson has written a much-needed resource for children's writers. Reimagining Your Nonfiction Picture Book: A Step-by-Step Revision Guide is the book that writers like me have been waiting for.

Reimagining Your Nonfiction Picture Book is just what the title says. It really takes the writer through the writing process after first draft. Chapter 1 asks, "Are You Really Ready to Revise?" The final chapter is "Selling Your Story." A few topics include book structures, scenes, voice, point of view, back matter, and so much more. 

To help you understand just how comprehensive this book is, be sure to read through the sample on Amazon. The sample will convince you that you need this book if I don't. The robust table of contents is followed by nearly two complete chapters. Kirsten W. Larson included 24 hands-on activities to help you revise your manuscript to make it shine. More than 20 pages are in the appendix. 

I'm so grateful to finally have a comprehensive resource related to the very specific writing on children's nonfiction picture books. When I teach writing workshops, I'll be recommending Reimagining Your Nonfiction Picture Book: A Step-by-Step Revision Guide. It's obvious Kirsten W. Larson took her years of studying the publishing industry (and getting published) to provide a valuable tool for us kidlit writers.

Unlike ads in social media, Larson doesn't promise getting your book published will be quick or easy. Because it's not. But with a lot of hard work and this new guide, I think more nonfiction picture books will get into children's hands instead of sitting on writers' computers. And that's what we all want.
If you want to write nonfiction picture books, you need Reimaging Your Nonfiction Picture Book: A Step-by-Step Revision Guide. I'm a seasoned writer (12 published nonfiction children's books with various publishers and more coming), and this is a book that I will revisit. Highly recommend!

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