Children's Programs

Please contact me to discuss how school visits and programs can be altered or even created to fit your group's needs. I primarily speak to groups in my local area of southeastern Pennsylvania, including parts of Delaware and Maryland. Schools, libraries, and private groups are welcome! If you are interested in booking an author visit with a limited budget, we can discuss it. 

All programs are interactive! Read FAQ here.

Children's Presentations

These large group programs are typically for school-aged children.

Nonfiction Notes
Insects Make WHAT?!
Annette shares with children the excitement and discovery process of nonfiction writing. Using her writing process as an example, she answers some of kids' big nonfiction questions. Where do ideas come from? How do you research? How does it become a book? Children catch the nonfiction excitement for themselves and learn cool stuff! 
The Write Way
How does a writer create a story? Annette shares her tips for creating an interesting nonfiction story in this interactive program. Brainstorming, fact-finding, and writing are the beginning of a story, and revisions make it fantastic! This is also available as a multi-day author in residence program about the writing process.
Insects Make WHAT?!
You know about honey and silk, but what else do we use and unknowingly eat from the things insects make? Insects play a big role in the products people use. Join Annette as she teaches about surprisingly useful insects and their hard, colorful, sweet, and soft products in this interactive children’s program including game show-style audience participation. 
Bugs and Blooms
Flowers make seeds and insects help them. Insects need the sweet nectar found in flowers. Flowers and insects are both necessary for people. Annette explores flowers and insects and how their design promotes pollination and interdependence. Groups of less than 25 can dissect flowers. Learn about the details of this program here.
Laura Ingalls Wilder: Beyond the Prairie Girl
Annette engages all generations in the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder as she discusses how the pioneer girl we read about in the Little House books became an author and  about the adult life of Laura Ingalls Wilder.
Pioneer Childhood
What was it like to be a child on the American frontier? Annette engages the audience about westward expansion, education, play, and home life for the pioneer children.

Children's Workshops (group size limited)

Classroom Visit
Writing Workshops- Nonfiction writing workshops available for small groups. (Preschool-High School)
The Write Way- Annette shares her tips for creating an interesting nonfiction story in this hands-on program. Brainstorming, fact-finding, and writing are the beginning to a story, but the revising makes it a great story. Also available as a multi-day author-in-residence program. (3rd grade-High School)
Roller Coasters- Explore the physics of roller coasters and create miniature coasters. (Preschool-Middle School)
Bridges- Learn all about different types of bridges. Build beam and suspension bridges and test their strength. (Upper Elementary-Middle School)
Candle Dipping- Dip candles to keep and learn how pioneers made candles. (All ages)

Butter Making- Make (and taste) homemade butter. While the children make butter, they learn about pioneer life. (All ages)
Pioneer Life- Collect and identify garden vegetables, wash laundry using a washboard, and and play games to learn about pioneer life. An outdoor setting is preferred. (Preschool-Middle School)
Before You Blog- This introductory program discusses blogging basics for those who want to create a blog and are unsure where to begin. Attendees are encouraged to use their passion to connect with their audience through the blog's niche, name, design, and more. (Middle School-Adult)

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2017-2018 Author Visit and Speaking Fees

$275 for one presentation or workshop
$500 for a half day of presentations and/or workshops (up to 3 hours)
$900 for a full day of presentations and/or workshops (up to 6 hours, with lunch)

Multi-day events receive a discount. Talk to Annette about your budget. 

Fees are for Annette's local area including parts of PA, DE, and MD through August 2018. Additional fees and travel expenses apply for nonlocal presentations.

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If you are an author or illustrator, visit Cool School Visits for some great advice regarding school visits.