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Insects as Producers
Rourke Educational Media, August 2016
Formats: Hardcover, Paperback, and E-Book
ISBN-13: (H) 9781681916972, (P) 9781681917986, (E) 9781681918969
Prices: $32.79, $9.95, $22.95
Synopsis: Insects make what?! Insects provide a variety of products people use. Red dye, honey, beeswax, silk, and resins have a long history and are insect products still used today. Learn more about the cochineal, honeybee, silkworm, and lac insects and what they make in Insects as Producers.

About Annette
Author Annette Whipple grew up in rural Pennsylvania. She earned a BS in elementary education from Kutztown University. She learned to love science and history first as a teacher. In addition to writing for children, she has also written for adult audiences including her blogs and a magazine articles.

Annette lives with her husband and three children in southeastern PA where she enjoys baking, writing, and reading. She also provides engaging and educational presentations and workshops for children focusing on nonfiction, science, and pioneer life. Learn more about her at

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