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Bugs & Blooms Program

So what really happens during my presentations and workshops? I know it may be hard to tell from the brief description on my website. Programs are altered to meet the needs of the group, so no two programs are identical. Schools might request a special emphasis on a topic. Other times age plays a role. Time may or may not allow for a game though all of my programs are interactive.

Yesterday I shared the program "Bugs and Blooms" at the Hockessin Book Shelf in Delaware. The audience was small, but excited to learn about insects and flowers.
So what happened during the "Bugs and Blooms" program?

After introducing myself, we got right into the bugs and blooms . We all know some people think insects are fascinating and others, well, don't care for them so much. So I asked the group what they thought. As usual, answers varied.

After acting out the life cycle of an insect, the audience helped to discuss the adult insect's body parts. These cards may have provided clues for the group.
We had time so we played a little game about insects. They were smart! They even knew the centipede was not the same as the caterpillar larva.
Then the audience named the parts of plants like roots, stem, leaves, and flowers. Then we read in my book, Flowers, to learn the parts of flowers, what they do, and how insects help flowers make seeds.
Then the children pretended to be insects pollinating flowers!
It's always fun to take something apart to learn how it works. So we dissected some flowers at the end of the program. 
We all had fun sharing about "Bugs and Blooms." I can't wait to share this program again. Interested? Just contact me to discuss the details!

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