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Resources and Tips for Children's Writers

Some days I'm amazed because I get paid to write books for children. Yet most of the time I recognize the hard work I put into every manuscript I write. It really is work. BUT I love my job. It's a blessing!
Maybe you've likely considered writing for children, too. Always the teacher, I have some suggestions for new writers or those who are looking for some new resources.

Be sure to download both the tips AND resources. These are two different documents with many pages between them! Here's a sampling of a few resources. These are a few books (affiliate links to Amazon), but I also include business resources as well as lots and lots of links to explore. 

Resources for Children's Writers 

A Few of the Many Writing Resources Included
Read on for more resources. This is just a tiny sampling of the FOUR pages of resources you can download!

Get More Resources

I created a comprehensive list of resources for children's writers. These are the books, websites, and online groups I repeatedly suggest to my writing friends, both new and experienced. Updated June 2021.

Tips for Children's Writers

I also created a different list of tips for new writers. Often writers submit to publishers before their manuscript is ready. I hope my tips below will prevent that! Updated August 2020.

You wrote a book for kids. Whatever you do, don’t submit the manuscript yet!

1. Make sure you understand how to write for children. Take classes. Attend conferences. Read blogs. Read books. Study the publishing industry. Don't hire an illustrator unless you plan to self-publish.  (WRITE15 for 15% discount)

2. Join SCBWI. Explore the website. And definitely read The Book, available only through the membership.

3. Read even more books in the genre you write. Read current books. Study the text. Even type the text to get a good feel for how the author wrote the book. Learn about mentor texts.

This is just a start to all the tips I have for you! Keep reading and download to get the rest.

Get More Tips for Children's Writers 

I have even more tips for you. Download them here. Plus if you subscribe to this blog you get my BONUS tips for children's writers, too! 

The Publishing World's Best Kept Secret

Also, the educational market is a fantastic way for writers to break into the publishing industry. Instead of pitching your book ideas to editors, the editors come to you with writing assignments (books and other resources).
Learn about writing for the educational market. I also teach multiple workshops and provide critiques for writers--even on-demand children's writing courses

Writing well is work, but be prepared to be inspired and motivated to write well.

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