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2019 Year-in-Review

The life of this children's author is not glamorous. But, I am busy. Sometimes writing keeps me busy, but often it's the business of writing. For me, the business includes a lot of learning as well as presentations...and writing.

In 2019 my successful work looked like...

Countless hours of learning through SCBWI, Writers Chat, various podcasts, and conversations with my kid-lit community (and books)

45,000 words submitted (after lots of research and revisions) for The Laura Ingalls Wilder Companion: A Chapter-by-Chapter Guide 

Available for pre-order now
187 files of images and permission forms submitted as part of the the Laura Ingalls Wilder Companion! (Yes, that was tiring!)
Images to be included or for illustrator reference for chapter 2 of the LIW Companion.
30 blog posts at and (plus makeovers of both blogs)

8 adult presentations for writers or educators (including one online interview)
8 author visits and/or book signings for children
5 invitations for 2020 author visits, writing conference faculty, and an educators' conference

4 in-person writing conferences or workshops where I learned a ton and met wonderful word-lovers (but didn't teach)
3 magazine articles/articles accepted by Highlights and Cobblestone magazines
1 new book deal for Whooo Knew? Discover Owls with Reycraft Books
and 0 new book releases! (And I'm completely okay with that!)

Thank you for your support! I'm eager for the future. What are your goals and hopes for 2020?

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