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Tax Resources for Writers

I've been blogging since 2009. I began writing for magazines a few years later. My first book came out in 2016. During these years, I've learned a lot over the the fact that I writing was a business long before I realized it. 

This tax information will get you started, but please explore some of the other resources I've shared to learn even more. As a professional writer, take the time to understand your business. 

Please note, your accountant will be your best source of information. I'm just here to share from my own experience.

Is my writing a business or a hobby? 

For the longest time I considered my writing a hobby. I thought it would become a business when I started making money as a writer. What I didn't realize was I was already investing money (conferences, online writing classes, critiques, and more) in my writing. Even if you aren't earning money, if you are investing in your writing career, you may want to consider your writing a business for tax purposes. 

Do I need an EIN as a freelance writer?  

As a freelance writer, I have written for many different organizations. I also teach at writing conferences and provide on-demand videos for writers. I provide professional development workshops for educators and author visits for their students. That means my paychecks come from a lot of different sources. 

I use an Employee Identification Number (EIN) instead of my social security number each time I fill out a W-9. You can, too! Fill out an on-line form and get your EIN in just minutes and keep your SSN private! 

Where can I find information about taxes for writers and bloggers?

I'm not an accountant. BUT Carol Topp is. She's also the writer behind the blog Taxes for Writers. She has lots of great information there. I also bought Carol's book Business Tips and Taxes for Writers (affiliate link) a few years ago. It's highly informative. I tend to consult it every January or so...just in time consider tax returns. *Just be sure to get the second edition/volume which includes a section for bloggers.*

Where can I find even more information and resources for writers? 

Author Sylvia Liu also has a blog post about LLCs and other business-related info. 

Author Roxanne Troup offers a variety of resources for writers

Author Rachelle Buke lots of resources for writers. Scroll to #18 for business resources for writers.

I created a comprehensive list of resources and tips for children's writers. These are the books, websites, and online groups I repeatedly suggest to my writing friends, both new and experienced. 
Be sure to explore this site for more resources for writers! I love to help!

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