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Meow Teacher Guide

As you may know, I've created comprehensive teacher guides for three of the books in The Truth About series for my books with topics of spiders, owls, and frogs. (Click the links to view.) Each of those guides include 15 or more STEM/STEAM and ELA activities adaptable for various grade levels.

Now that Meow! The Truth About Cats is out in the world, I'm thrilled that Reycraft Books has created a discussion guide for it. (A similar guide for Woof! The Truth About Dogs is coming soon.) Teachers and families can pair the discussion guide with the experiment at the back of Meow! for a purr-fect cat reading experience!

After downloading the discussion guide for Meow! The Truth About Cats, don't forget to check out the owl teacher guide, frog teacher guide, and spider teacher guide, too. All are free for your personal or classroom use. No email needed (though you are welcome to subscribe). Thank you for using my 12 books (and more coming) in your classrooms and libraries! 
Let me know what you think of these teacher guides. Better yet--tell a friend about them! 

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