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Children's nonfiction author Annette Whipple grew up in rural Pennsylvania. After graduating from Kutztown University with a BS in elementary education, she went on to teach elementary and middle school students as an environmental educator and classroom teacher. 

Annette learned to love science and history while teaching. Now she inspires curiosity and wonder in readers while exciting them science and history through her nonfiction books. She’s the author of Soil, Flowers, Insects as Producers, Africa, and North America. In 2020 Annette will have two new books, The Laura Ingalls Wilder Companion: A Chapter-by-Chapter Guide (Chicago Review Press) and Whooo Knew? Discover Owls (Reycraft Books). 

Annette provides interactive programs and workshops to engage participants in topics like writing, science, and history. When she’s not writing or teaching children, educators, and writers, you might find Annette snacking on warm chocolate chip cookies. Annette lives in Oxford, Pennsylvania with her husband and three children. Learn more about Annette’s books and presentations at

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