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Cat and Dog Debate Guide

Last year after Meow! The Truth About Cats released, a librarian friend on Twitter (now X) let me know she was eager to have her students debate dogs and cats using my newest book along with previously published Woof! The Truth About Dogs. Inspired by these books published by Reycraft Books (and written by me), I'm thrilled to share librarian Chrissy Holcombe and I teamed up to create a cat and dog debate guide for you! 

Which animal rules your classroom? 
This is a comprehensive cat and dog debate guide. Educators can choose a really simple activity like taking a basic vote or holding a full-fledge debate. Extend the activity and consider a debate related to Election Day or Presidents Day. Resources are included for all of these! Take a look!

Included in The Cat and Dog Debate Guide 

Debate defined
Debate resources 
Example debate
Cat and Dog books
Election Day books
Presidents Day books
Debate skills
Hold a Cat vs. Dog Debate 
Extension debate activities
Reading debate activities
I can't wait for you to tell me who wins at your school! 
One of my favorite things about debating is that listening is so, so important. Students quickly understand a debate is not an argument. 

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I love helping teachers and librarians! If you're new here, you should know I celebrate curiosity and write nonfiction for kids. (I currently have twelve books published with multiple publishers and more coming in 2024.) I love science and history! In addition to teacher resources, I also write blog posts for writers here. 

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